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Carrying out a thorough traceability, Vega Tolosa vineyards produce high quality wines under D.O.LaManchuelathat are produced as Organic Wines under the control parameters required by the European Community to be certified as such.Vega Tolosa takes a step further by creating its own rules regarding the cultivation and making processes of grapes; the respect for biodiversity where animals and plants live together in a unique and sustainable environment.
We plant vines between olives, pines and oaks, along with a vegetation cover formed of dry leaves, pruning remains and manure that will help those beneficial insects, needed for the control of potential blights, to shelter.
We rely on nature to do the work by its own means.Once the grapes enter the wine cellar, they ferment naturally and here is where we let the wine to absorb all the grape characteristics.

White wines have a straw yellow colour, tropical aromas and fruity flavours and they are long and pleasant wines to drink.
Rosé wines have a raspberry colour and intense aromas of raspberries and strawberries. They are tasty, fresh and balanced in the mouth.
The cherry coloured red wines present hints of red berries and an earthy background. On the palate they are soft, warm and tasty.

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